Old Poem

On most days you are a distant memory
an idea that once was but never came to fruition
like an old poem, unwritten
cast aside and forgotten
but on some nights
my thoughts find their way back to you
navigating the web of time and distance between us
with no regard for change
ignoring growth
my thoughts of you
they’re frozen, a snapshot
you, there
with that anxious smile
and perpetually sad eyes
sad because they know the reality
that while my memory of you
remains the same
in waking life
we are different now
but still
my thoughts over grow like vines
climbing up and hiding the wall of truth between us
my thoughts of you
surround me
envelope me like smoke
light enough to bear no weight
as it dances its way into my lungs
but strong enough to hinder my breathing
you are everywhere
you are everything
the clouds are your arms
soft, and welcoming
they held my body, my sweat
my tears
once or twice
the sky – vast and limitless
is the background upon which
my fantasies manifest
displaying the monochromatic blues of my sadness
here without you
every face could be yours