El Leon.

“El Leon”. Acrylic on canvas. 24×30.

Bold, regal, powerful, proud. The lion has been celebrated throughout history for their strength and ferocity. They are excellent hunters, and as members of a pride, they work closely with one another, hunting and defending in harmony. Fun fact: While lions are well-known for their roar (the loudest call in the animal kingdom) – they use a series of different calls to communicate with one another (meows, grunts, growls, purrs, hums, puffs, woofs to name a few – each conveying a different feeling). They are also very emotive, using their face and body language, and never shying away from an opportunity to demonstrate how they are feeling. How about you? How do you use your voice?

One thought on “El Leon.

  1. I try to use my photography as a voice but it isn’t always easy to convey a specific feeling. I’m still looking for the right muse and opportunity to create something that says more than just “hey, I’m a pretty picture”. And while I don’t want to reduce what I’ve created so far, because all of the shots I put out to the public have real emotion, none of it has moved me in the way I want to move others with my work. Hopefully in the coming weeks, months, years etc. that will change 🙂


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