Floodgates – Part two (Poem)

She, an ocean vast

and He, firm and unwavering

Her waters rise, waging war on his defenses

She has come to collect the pieces of her He has been holding in his locked towers

His walls heighten with every wave, toppling her onto herself

Her uprising, fierce and steady

His doors, sealed tightly

She throws herself against his exterior

demanding a return to tranquility

knocking stones from his architecture

but leaving him intact, always intact

as she splits herself around his edges

her tears go unnoticed

blending into her being

as they are simply salt water

and She is simply salt water

She thought she was becoming part of him

all this time

but He, a structure of steel and stone

does not retain her

never allowing her to seep into him

He simply holds her in pools and puddles

and feels nothing as she evaporates off of his surface

into the air

into nothing

She grows tired and stops trying

choosing instead to calm her waves

and as she finds her balance, her waters no longer crest

now, she is peaceful and calm

only then, can He see himself

a reflection on her surface

Her parting gift

(Photograph Credit: Craig Finlay)

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